It is critical that the BSEP Measure is renewed on the upcoming March 2024 ballot with ⅔ majority. BSEP is an essential funding source that comprises almost 20% of our district funding, paying for ⅓ of our teachers, enabling some of the smallest class sizes in the east bay, and funds many of the core resources that are fundamental to our school district including libraries and universal music.

● BSEP has been supported by our community since 1986.
● On the ballot this March is a RENEWAL of an existing tax measure, and not a new tax.
● Renewal of BSEP will maintain nearly 20% of the District's budget. Without BSEP, our schools could face about $38 million in cuts to staff and academic programs.
● Renewal of BSEP continues to support high-quality instruction which maintains small class sizes, attracts and retains highly qualified teachers, and supports innovative instruction and core academic programs.
● BSEP provides essentials for excellence - providing libraries, books and librarians for every school and ensuring every student has access to music, technology, arts and drama.
● Renewal of BSEP continues to provide interventions for struggling students, mental health counseling at all schools, and student preparation for college and careers.
● There is plentiful public information and strong oversight. The independent BSEP Planning and Oversight Committee, and School Site Councils ensure that funds are expended in accordance with the measure.


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